E. Rehmi Post Physicist, PhD

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Refereed Publications

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US20150049056 Interaction Sensing

US20150049055 Interaction Sensing

US20150049034 Interaction Sensing

US20150048846 Interaction Sensing

WO2014031793A3 Electromagnetic digital materials

Technical Reports and Conference Papers

Electrostatic Power Harvesting in Textiles, E. R. Post, K. Waal, Proc. ESA Annual Meeting on Electrostatics 2010, Paper G1

Detection of Forelimb Lameness in Horses Using Inertial Sensor Data, K. Waal, E. R. Post, Asteism, Inc. Technical Report ATR-01, July 2009, pp. 1-10

Multi-band, Low Cost EPC Tag Reader, M. Reynolds, J. Richards, S. Pathare, H. Tsai, Y. Maguire, E. Post, R. Pappu, and B. Schoner, MIT Auto-ID Center Technical Report MIT-AUTOID-WH-012, 2002, pp. 1-24.

Scalable Interactive Surfaces Using Charge Source Tomography, E. R. Post, U. Pawar, A. Agarwal, N. Gershenfeld, 2nd Intl. Conference on Open Collaborative Design of Sustainable Innovation. December 1-2, 2002, Bangalore, India. (2002)


Inertial Measurement via Dynamics of Trapped Particles, PhD Dissertation, MIT, August 2003

E-broidery: An Infrastructure for Washable Computing, MSc Thesis, MIT, February 1999