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Jan 2008

– wearables, energy harvesting

Sp4rkl3 is a dress that lights up due to electricity generated by its own motion. As Sp4rkl3's skirt swishes and sways, it provides a dynamic lightshow, encouraging its wearer to be active and giving others a visible gauge of her level of motion. There are no batteries; instead, a new power generation mechanism is used to create a dazzling effect with virtually no indication that electronics are involved.

by Kit Waal and Rehmi Post


Electrostatic Power Harvesting for Material Computing, E. R. Post, K. Waal, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, v. 15 no. 2 pp. 115-121 (2011), doi:10.1007/s00779-010-0313-9 [Invited Paper]

Electrostatic Power Harvesting in Textiles, E. R. Post, K. Waal, Proc. ESA Annual Meeting on Electrostatics 2010, Paper G1


US8519677 Electrostatic power harvesting for material computing


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